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Optimalisasi Biaya Pelaksanaan Konstruksi Jalan dengan Metode Logika Fuzzy FIS Takagi-Sugeno pada Proyek Jalan Trans Kalimantan Provinsi Kalimantan Utara


Febryan Nugraha[1]), Alwafi Pujiraharjo[2]), M. Ruslin Anwar[3])

Program Magister Teknik Sipil, Fakultas Teknik, Universitas Brawijaya Malang

Jl. MT. Haryono No. 167 Malang, 65145, Indonesia

E-mail :

National development requires infrastrukcture as one of the driving wheel of economic growth. One of the main parts of infrastructure development is the construction of highways. Road Construction requires many factors to consider before the development process begins, such as factors of materials,equipment, lebor, time and cost. In practice, accurate calculations are needed in determining the required amount of each factos, since a slight mistake can cause losses on the part of the contractor that impact the low quality of the highway. In this research used fuzzy logic (fuzzy logic( as decision maker. Because the working of fuzzy logi represent the way of human thinking that appears from outside and contained in the form of words. Fuzzy logic is a logic that has the value of vagueness or fuzzyness between right and wrong. In Fuzzy Logic theory a value can be true or false at the same time. Fuzzy itslef in the language is in interpreted as or vague. Fuzzy logic has degrees if membership in the vulnerable 0 to 1. Fuzzy logic used as a pointer to the extent to which the value is true and the extent to which the value is wrong, in contrast to classical logic., a value has only two the possibility of being a member of the set or not. Fuzzy logic can also be used as an alternative decision-making as an easy modern control system. The fuzzy logic used is FIS Takagi-Sugeno because of its more efficient computing, works well for linier techniques, works well for adaptive optimization and ensures continity of results. In this research will also be developed an application that aims to assist users in analyzing and forecasting the needs of what is required in making a highway construction. Using Takagi_sugeno FIS based FIS user interface generated in this research, the resulting performance using Fuzzy Logic is better than the manual calculation, it can be seen from the total cost generated from the calculation method. For calculation using Fuzzy Logic has a total cost of Rp. 52.950.009.851 while the results pf manual calculation of Rp. 54.840.926.051.

Keywords : Fuzzy Logic, optimization, User Interface, Highways