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NCU Taiwan Again Recruiting FT-UB Students


The cooperation between Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB) and University in Taiwan increasingly tight. In 2015 FT-UB had come to the campus of the National Central University (NCU) of Taiwan to sign the MoU, twice. This year, representatives of the NCU again came to FT campus recruiting post-graduate International Student program, Monday, November 14th, 2016

Previously NCU group only took four professors for the interviews, this time there are seven professors who interviewed prospective students. They are Shieh-Lung Hsu and Wei-Hsing Huang of Civil Engineering Department, Chin-Ching Ju of the Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering, Chi-Ang Chung of Mechanical Engineering, Jieh-Haur Chen of the Institute of Construction Engineering and Management, Chih-Yuan Huang represent Center for Space and Remote Sensing Research, and a representative of Institute of Hydrological and Oceanic Science Chien-Hwa.

“We have more department to be offered,” said Prof Hsu upon arrival.

The arrival of the groups was welcomed by Vice Dean for Academic Affair, Dr. Ir Surjono MTP, Head of Department and Study Programs in FT-UB, and representatives of International Liaison Office (ILO) of FT-UB. Dr Surjono was thrilled to have more department offered, which mean there will be another field of cooperation can be created.

Before the interview starts on the right and left wings of Auditorium Prof. Ir. Suryono, the activity first opened by Dr. Surjono followed by presentations from representatives of the NCU to introduce their respective majors.

“This session is important for those who want to continue their studies in NCU, have a good look, because it is important to know the real condition and ask any information that pokes your curiosity,” Dr. Surjono advised the student in attendance.

After giving an introduction to the NCU and the picture of the life in Taiwan, Prof. Hsu reminded to who’s interested in continuing their study in NCU is expected to register online from January to April 2017, for the new semester NCU will begin in September.

“Use the interview session as a means to give the impression to our professors. Who knew you could get a letter of recommendation for further studies on the NCU under his guidance, without having to struggle more in the student admission process,” said Prof Hsu. (mic)


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