The increased needs of society life will have an impact on increasing the transportation facilities. To begin of implementing the autonomy region, so the responsible of transportation problems was also devolved in each local government. The various policies related to such matter are needs a support of evaluation result and careful planning.

In order to respond to this development, so Civil Engineering Development, Faculty of Engineering UniversitasBrawijayais form a container that can be used to conduct various study and special studies on the problem of transportation, i.e Laboratory of Transportation and Highways Laboratory, Faculty of Engineering UniversitasBrawijaya. In the beginning, both laboratory stands apart, with different studies focus. Transportation Laboratory is more engaged in field of traffic system and addressing various issued related to evaluation, planning, and designing of transportation macro system. Highways Laboratory itself is more specifically engaged in the system of pavement systems. With the enactment of the new curriculum in 2007, both laboratories is merged into one being Laboratory of Transportation and Highways. In 2014, Survey and Remote Sensing Laboratory is merged with Transportation and Highways Laboratory, namely Laboratory of Transportation and Remote Sensing.

Laboratory of Transportation and Remote Sensing, Civil Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering UniversitasBrawijaya is supporting teaching and learning, research and also development of technology application of transportation engineering and road pavement materials engineering. This laboratory can also help the government in handling issues of various transportation problems.