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Lightweight concrete research from pumice and scoria has not developed rapidly in Indonesia, whereas as a volcanic area the existence of both is very abundant. This lightweight concrete density reduction can reach (20-25%), thus reducing the building’s own weight, changing the final decay, lowering the density-strength ratio and the cost of construction. This own weight reduction is also advantageous for earthquake-prone areas due to reduced building mass, inertial force and the horizontal force due to the earthquake is reduced so that the risk due to the earthquake decreases.

Hendro Suseno, the lecturer of Department of Civil Engineering Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya Malang, raised the title Crackers and prediction of a one-way crack width of lightweight pumice stone and reinforced scoria, as a graduation requirement from UB Faculty of Civil Engineering Doctoral Program, interest in Structural Engineering.

Open Examination This dissertation was held at the 2nd-floor meeting room of Civil Engineering Building of FT-UB. Also present at the Open Examination that morning was the Dean of FTUB, Dr. Ir. Pitojo Tri Juwono MT and Dean across period. Among them are Prof. Ir. 3Suhardjono, M. Pd., Dipl. HE. (1982-1985 & 2001-2005), Ir. Arifi Soenaryo (1985-1988), Ir. A. Aziz Hoesein, Dipl. HE., M.Eng. Sc (1988-1992), and Ir. Suroso, Dipl. HE., M.Eng (1992-1995).

Pumice stone and Keloria skeleton have distinctive characteristics and different from those that generally exist. Its existence is still capped and has not been explored to its full potential as a mild aggregate. So when used for light coarse aggregate concrete may result in a proportion of new mixtures different from previous studies.

One way to reduce the weight of the building itself is proposed to replace the massive plate with a lightweight concrete reinforced concrete plate of pumice and skoria. Precast plates are designed as one-way plates and are based on the requirements of bending strength and serviceability. One of the serviceability is the maximum crack width that is strongly influenced by the mechanical characteristics of the concrete and can be evaluated from the crack behavior.

This study shows that the K and K-basaltic andesitic basaltic rock of Kelud meets the three subjects studied, ie as mild rough aggregates, their application to lightweight structural concrete and their application to light one-way concrete plate of pumice stone and reinforced skoria.

4Hendro Suseno must defend his dissertation in front of a team of examiners consisting of Prof. Dr. Ir. Quarter, DEA, Dr. Ir. Bambang Dwi Argo, DEA. And with the guidance of the three promoters consisting of Prof. Dr. Ir. Agoes Soehardjono, MS, Prof. Dr. Ir. ING Wardhana M. Eng, Ph.D., and Dr.rer. Nat. Ir. Arief Rahmansyah., Hendro Suseno is entitled to a Doctorate degree with Cumlaude predicate.

“This is your first step. Time to re-serve and apply the knowledge that has been obtained, especially in Civil Engineering FT-UB, and do not stop researching to get the title of professor,” said Prof. Agoes as the promoter.