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Review Management


Management review was carried out as one of a series of activities of the Plan-Do-Check-Action (PDCA), which are the basic materials for evaluation and consideration for the development of strategies for the sake of the progress of the implementation of the education.

Review of management in the Department of Civil Engineering University of Brawijaya are organized by a Management Representative (MR) in this case is the Secretary of the Department, together with – either the leadership of the Department of civil engineering in a meeting of the leadership of the.

Management review is conducted at least once a year so that the Department has had time to develop the strategy and the means, while on the other hand is the exact time period for the evaluation carried out.

A review of the previous period-period management can be obtained at the Faculty of Engineering University of Brawijaya. This is due to the new civil engineering doctoral course joined the Department of civil engineering in the period mid 2013.

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