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Quality Assurance System


A quality assurance system in Undergraduate course, S2 and S3 is built upon quality assurance policies at the University level. Quality assurance Center (PJM) quality assurance system builds UB the typical model of the UB in 2006-2009 Academic Quality Assurance System (SPMA). This system is based on the combined quality system standard Grant Program competition (PHK) of higher education. In line with the quality assurance cycle implementation experience in an environment of UB, then starting in 2010 to a quality assurance system, UB is now called the Internal Quality Assurance System (SPMI). This system combines a quality Managed System model ISO 9001:2008, Dikti, PHK and BAN-PT, with the goal of keeping these systems can be flexibly implemented in various purposes, so that the system is efficient and effective. This system can be used in internal and external quality assurance (ISO certification and accreditation of national and international).


SPMI UB starts from:

  1. quality assurance organization in universities, Faculty/Program/Graduate Programs and courses/programs of study,
  2. The system of documents and
  3. Audit.