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1. Produce a qualified doctor of:

    • Soulless Pancasila and have scientific integrity
    • ┬ábe open, responsive to the development of science and technology as well as the problems faced by the development community
    • Possess basic scientific insight and ability and technical skills needed to adapt and/or creating new methodologies that can be used to conduct scientific studies and research.
    • Mastering approach of theory, concepts and paradigms that best suits their expertise fields
    • be familiar with scientific problems, cutting-edge thinking and the work of experts in the area of his expertise
    • Able to use SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY in the area of his expertise to find answers and/or solves complex problems, including those that require interdisciplinary approaches
    • Able to communicate the thoughts as well as his work, both at the national level as well as at the international level


2. Become one of the central activities of the research and development of innovative SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY useful to answer the problems faced by national and international communities, especially in the utilization of local materials and sustainable development.

3. Become one of the SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY information center which is able to communicate the information to the scientific community at the national and international levels.