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Planning of Strategy and Work Program


Planning of Strategy

Planning is focused on strategic aspects designed periodically in every 5 (five) years and set forth in the Strategic Plan (Strategic Plan). The strategic plan is important to establish the direction of program development and an affirmation of the whole community of Doctoral Studies Program (S3) Department of Civil Engineering and outsiders, that the development journey of Doctoral Studies Program (S3) Department of Civil Engineering always planned with concrete goals. Besides that, it is also expected to direct all efforts and steps and gather all the strength PS S3 Department of Civil Engineering becomes a momentum to create opportunities outreach objectives set, which in turn will create an academic atmosphere (academic atmosphere) with a sense of togetherness and the same purpose ( sense of coherence and common purpose) for all elements in PS S3 Civil Engineering.

With reference to the Strategic Plan of the UB Faculty of Engineering and the Department of Civil Engineering, the Department of Civil Engineering PS S3 prepare a Strategic Plan PS S3 Civil Engineering Department of the Year 2015-2019. World Class, Entreprenurial University was the intended target, set out the UB’s Strategic Plan 2015-2019. World Class University actually aimed at improving the quality of education, research and community service that includes quality of faculty and graduates recognized at international level. PS S3 so that the development direction for the next five years is heading in the direction of internationalization.

PS S3 Strategic Plan of Civil Engineering Department from 2015 to 2019 year is expected to be understood and adhered to by the entire community of the Civil Engineering Department and other parties concerned.

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Work Program

Preparation of work programs doctoral program in Civil Engineering Department of civil engineering, Faculty of engineering, Universitas of Brawijaya based on vision, mission, goals, objectives and strategies defined by the achievement of the doctoral program of civil engineering major in civil engineering, as well as referring to the strategic plan (Renstra) Ub 2011 – 2014 Strategic Plan (Renstra) Faculty of engineering 2011 – 2020 and strategic plan (Renstra) Department of civil engineering 2012 – 2016. The elaboration of the program based on the seven areas set out in the Civil Engineering Department Renstra.

Work program contains the outlines of the program activities will be implemented in the short term (annual).

Journey of the doctoral program of civil engineering major in civil engineering in the future increasingly challenging with the more rapid development of science and technology as well as stakeholders will demand the quality of graduates. This certainly brings the consequence on the need for improvements and change management mechanism of higher education so that more effective and efficient. To that end, work Program Doctoral Program of civil engineering major in civil engineering by 2015 – 2016 is expected to be understood and implemented properly by the entire civitas Department of civil engineering and other parties concerned.

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