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Alumni Organization


Civil Engineering Alumni undertakes the Organization Alumni Association (IKA) Faculty of Engineering University of Brawijaya.


A. Consolidated Organizations

As an organization that is familial, IKA civil UB’s has a number of goals:

  1. Build communication, information and participation of the family built Civil IKA UB at various levels.
  2. Be active, dedicated high achievers, as well as responsive to the Organization, so that in time our organizations have a place in the hearts of the community and are expected to enhance the image of Alma mate.
  3. Help solve the problems of the Alma Mater.
  4. Increase the appeal for new members by giving facilities either in education or employment.


B. Attributes and Secretarial

  1. Need to set dues for members of the IKA Civil UB organizational wheel continuity.
  2. Create a logo and motto.
  3. Print the card member alumni.
  4. Perform the Setup and administration of systemization organization by utilizing information technology.
  5. 5. Future Planning Secretariat of civil right by IKA UB.



  1. Increase the participation actively in the enlightened Nations through a variety of activities.
  2. Enhance cooperation with various parties in the framework of a nation and a country according to the lines of the profession.
  3. Partnership in various activities that are a manifestation of concern to alumni community which in turn can bring the good name of Alma Mater either at the level of regional, national and international.