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Student Affairs & Graduates


The application of technology in the sector of the construction industry and other sectors, proving to be the main drivers of economic growth, increase prosperity, and embody an advanced civilization to mankind now. Technological advances require the support of the development of science, where the science of civil engineering is one of the main pillars of technology.

To generate the energy researchers, experts, and professionals in the fields of civil engineering, FTUB open civil engineering doctoral course (PDTS) began the 2008-2009 academic year. The resulting graduates are expected to develop science and technology (science and technology) in the field of civil engineering to solve infrastructure issues that are being faced by Indonesia and the world, including the problem of engineering structures, transport, and water resource management.

Most of the education process in PDTS implemented through activities of the research and the writing of the dissertation by the student, under the guidance of the promoter and the promoter. In addition to broadening expertise and fosters intellectual mindset-filosofos, implemented a process of lectures, discussions, seminars, and writing of articles published in national and international scientific journals.