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I Wayan Yasa ‘s Dissertation: Anticipating Earlier Drought with IKH Modeling


Doctoral student in Brawijaya Civil Engineering Department, I Wayan Yasa with his dissertation hopes to anticipate drought earlier by modeling the hydrological drought index (IKH)


Drought events occur almost all over the world and have an impact on all sectors of life, namely agriculture, health, social, economic and industrial sectors. Drought is an event where there has been an extreme decrease in the quantity of water sources. The types of drought vary depending on the factors that influence the cycle of water availability including drought precipitation, climatological drought, agricultural drought, hydrological drought and socio-economic drought. Among several types of drought, it is the hydrological drought component that is very much needed because it is used for analysis in meeting water needs such as industry, domestic water needs and hydroelectric power plants. The fact that there is a hydrological drought has a very wide impact on reducing the availability of surface water, decreasing the quality of water, the limited supply of irrigation water and affecting social activities of the community.

I Wayan Yasa, student of the Civil Engineering Doctoral Program, Faculty of Engineering, Brawijaya’s University, through his dissertation entitled Hydrological Drought Index Modeling Base on Reservoir Volumetric hopes that with the Iway hydrological drought index model anticipation and monitoring of drought can be done earlier.

The data used for the analysis are reservoir daily water level (H), daily change storage (Δs), daily inflow (I), and daily outflow (O). Data based on the changes in storage, inflow, and outflow were obtained from daily measurement.

The model for the development of hydrological drought index is IKH = (Δs – Vtr) / Vman. The criteria for the severity if the volume deficit of the Vd reservoir is ≥51.5% with a drought index IKH ≤ – 0.51, moderate drought criteria if reservoir volume deficit is 14.7% ≤ Vd <30.09% with drought index -0.15 ≤ IKH ≤ -0.31, criteria for strong drought with reservoir volume deficit 30.09% ≤ Vd ≤ 51.5% and criteria for drought severity -0.31 ≤ IKH ≤ -0.51% with hydrological drought index IKH≤ -0.51.

Based on the results of the development of the hydrological drought index index (IKH) Iway the identification of the severity of the hydrological drought rate of an area is very easy and does not require complicated analysis

With guidance from Prof. Dr. Ir. Mohammad Bisri, MS., Ir. Moh. Sholichin, MT., Ph.D., and Dr. Ir. Ussy Andawayanti, MS., Wayan has taken the open exam on December 5, 2018.

“Actually the value obtained by Wayan is A, but unfortunately he graduated beyond the limit so he could not cumlaude,” said Chairman of the Session, Dr. Eng. Yulvi Zaika, MT. (kik)